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Hire a Dedicated SEO

Having a dedicated SEO working for you ensures that your site will constantly be visible. Just because your site is getting high rankings now does not mean that it will do so forever. There are many factors that can affect its ratings and having an SEO who works exclusively for you will ensure that you can respond quickly when you need to make changes that will help keep your rankings high. Here are some of the benefits your company can enjoy when you hire a dedicated SEO from us:

An SEO expert can help you keep up with SEO tactics. As with any other field of knowledge, SEO evolves over time and what was once considered acceptable or “white hat” is now considered unethical or ‘black hat’. Your SEO consultant can ensure that the techniques you are using are ethical so that your site won’t get penalized by Google.

An SEO expert can help you stay current with updates incorporated by Google. In recent years, Google has implemented updates such as Penguin and Panda that were designed to improve users’ experience when they were conducting searches. For example, the Panda update was designed to remove so-called ‘content farms’ or sites that served no useful purpose for web searchers, from the results pages. However, these updates also adversely affected the rankings of many reputable sites, causing them to lose traffic. A dedicated SEO specialist can help keep your site abreast of these changes, modifying SEO tactics as necessary in order to ensure that your rankings stay high.

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