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Local SEO Services

Sri Lanka has become one of the most popular places in the world to do business. Thus, it is important that local businesses establish an online presence so that potential clients can find them. We will ensure that web users looking for businesses in Sri Lanka can find you using location-based search terms such as “SEO in Sri Lanka”. By optimizing your website for these keywords you can achieve high page rankings that will make it more likely that web users looking for businesses in your niche will click on your link. More visits mean more opportunities to convert visitors into paying customers that will boost your profits.

What can we do for you?

Conduct an SEO inventory of your site :- We will analyze your site to determine how it ranks on search engines and how we can use SEO to increase its ratings. We will look at how SEO is integrated on the site, identify weaknesses that need to be addressed and present you with our recommendations for changes.

Keyword research :- We will do research on keywords in your market niche that will help you get at least page one rankings. Having the right keywords on your site is essential in ensuring that when Google and other search engines index your site, they will find it highly relevant to a web user’s search and give it high rankings.

Applying online marketing tactics :- SEO is only part of the campaign to drive traffic to your site and gain more paying customers. We will promote your business online using a variety of methods including strengthening your usage of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as developing content for your site. In addition, we will also build back links that will help increase your relevancy ratings when search engines troll your site.

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