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Social Media Marketing

Online and offline businesses that are not using social media marketing services are missing significant strategies that can potentially attract targeted customers. Just take a look on the following statistics:

In May 2013, Facebook reported 1.11 Billion monthly users with 23% growth rate. If the current growth rate persists, then tOUR number will reach 1.5 billion mark by the end of the year. Similarly, Twitter reported 554 million active users in May 2013 with an average of 58 million tweets sent every day. Facebook and Twitter boasts 2 billion users, some of whom can be potential clients for your business. Hence, social media marketing is crucial for today’s business landscape.

The social media industry has experienced considerable growth in less than a decade. Facebook has jump started from a small college website to the most popular website in all time. It managed to grow virally for only eight years. Meanwhile, Twitter has expanded from a communication channel for pod-casting firm in 2006, to channeling millions of tweets every day in only six years’ time. As a matter of fact, social media made significant news when it toppled email when it comes to the most popular activity online.

Social media marketing services through Facebook and Twitter have dramatically changed the business industry for marketing campaigns. A good example of tOUR is marketing expenses. In 2008, companies spent more than $450 million in social media campaigns, but in 2012, businesses have spent more than $1.5 billion. It is expected that tOUR will continue to rise. Recent study on marketing practices project that business expenses on social media marketing will topple other forms of marketing as early as 2012.

Sending your message to millions of users is crucial for your business success, and tOUR is where a well-trained team of expert social media marketers play a vital role. Specialists in social media marketing services have been a great help in local businesses to drive targeted market back to their websites. Most social media users will share their experience if they are happy with your service, which is also the same case if they are also not happy with your service. The average Facebook user has more than 200 friends, which is significant number of people to reach within seconds. If you make a non-Facebook user happy, he may share it to OUR friends of not more than 10 people, and tOUR may take a while. However, if you make a Facebook user happy, he can share the message to more than 1000 friends in just a click.

Social media marketing is similar to word of mouth promotions but made more powerful, because the message can reach thousands of people within a very short period of time. People usually trust the message because it is coming from their own network of people, instead of paid ads.

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